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Training and associated bodies

Leanne has completed the Little Dreams sleep training programme. The intensive and bespoke course covers all areas of sleep needed to ensure families are well supported and have an expert approach. The training includes:

Whilst Little Dreams focus on sleep, Leanne has also had training from a lactation consultant and a Doctor of Psychology in relation to attachment and sleep. This deeper understanding of key areas supports her ability to find approaches that make parents feel comfortable and empowered to make a change.

Leanne Wilkinson

Being a mum to a toddler, a step mum to a teenager and a primary school teacher for the last 20 years, Leanne has lots of experience of working with children of different ages and their families.

As a teacher, Leanne saw how a lack of sleep affected a child’s learning as well as their relationships with their peers and families. This sparked an interest into the significance of sleep. In 2020, Leanne had her son, and like all newborn parent’s sleep became a huge focus. ‘Was he sleeping enough during the day? How long should his ‘awake windows’ be? How do you get him to sleep on his own?’ All these questions raised a further interest into the importance of sleep.

After a successful career as a primary school teacher, Leanne joined the Little Dreams franchise team to help families across Birmingham to improve their sleep routines and get a better night’s sleep. Due to her background, Leanne has a thorough understanding of babies and children’s developmental stages.

Leanne has a reputation of being calm, caring and friendly when working with families. Her aim is to make you feel at ease as she helps improve your little one’s sleep routines.

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