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For children in a bed

Aged 2 ½ years and up
Working with Leanne at little Dreams Birmingham has been the most incredible experience and journey with the positive results we wish we had years ago. Since he was a baby he struggled to self settle, he wouldn’t sleep on his back he would cry if I left him to try and sleep on his own, it was heart breaking and exhausting. When over tired all you want is sleep, I would resort to rocking or feeding him to sleep. As he got older, I would hold his hand to sleep, and for years just lie on his floor until he was asleep and then sneak out. He would then come out of his room and get into my bed at some point in the night. This turned to a habit & his crutch was me and I’d allowed it to happen as we both just needed sleep and with every sleep training method I used they never worked so I gave up. Every year I’d find the strength to try a new idea from a sleep book or online programme to sort the issue, one of which, I tried for six weeks, six weeks of hysteria and tears which was upsetting for all involved and with no great end result. Oh how I wish I’d found Little Dreams ten years ago! If you want a programme that works, then this is the one! Leanne was so kind, positive and encouraging for both myself and my son. With daily support calls to all of us which we all looked forward to and most definitely kept us strong and moving forward to the next step to reach our goal. Within a month of small steps, changes, plenty of rewards and new calming bedtime routines. My son now sleeps through the night and after I kiss him good night, I go straight downstairs and he falls asleep on his own. My son’s moods are better and he is more positive about life too. And of course we are all benefiting from full un interrupted nights sleep. It is just incredible and we couldn’t have done it without Leanne and the Little Dreams sleep programme. The best decision I’ve ever made - highly recommend. 😁
Mummy to 10 year old

To hear the familiar sound of your child’s feet on your bedroom floor at 2am might have been endearing at first but the nightly interruptions can quickly wear everyone thin. Whether your child is awake for hours in the night or struggling to sleep in their own bed, it is too costly to keep up for long. From your child’s school life to your family’s wellbeing, so much depends upon what happens after everyone has said goodnight.


Once a sleep situation has endured for years without a change, it can be difficult to imagine that anything might turn it around. But we’ve seen that transformation time after time.

For our children, getting the sleep they need doesn’t only give them more energy. The parents we have worked with tell us that the improved sleep is giving their children more confidence – and they are enjoying a happier family life too.

How my sleep consultation works

It’s worth noting that what I do is not the same as “sleep training”. Instead we use an evidence-based approach that has helped so many parents to make overtired tantrums and bedtime battles a problem of the past.

If you are happy for me to help your child more directly (dependent upon age) then we can speak with them over a video call (or send little videos to them). This can help them feel reassured about the sleep plan and can help them to take ownership of their own role in the process. 

All of my consultations are tailored to your family. So while I outline the support you’ll receive from me here, my advice will be entirely specific to your child and your family’s situation.


A preliminary assessment

allows me to understand your child’s sleep patterns so that I can pinpoint why they are not sleeping well. I won’t just consider their time in bed but everything that could be a factor from diet to daylight and from nursery or school life to the times when they eat and see friends.


A meticulous and tailor-made sleep plan

will give you my comprehensive and highly specific recommendations for how you can help your child to form new habits.


A private 90-120 minute consultation

to discuss the plan and answer any of your questions you might have. This takes place over video conference and can involve your child depending on their age. I may also be able offer home consults depending on your location (there is an additional travel charge for this).


Telephone support

when it is needed during the first two weeks after the consultation. Usually lasting around 15 minutes each, these calls give you an opportunity to ask me more questions and for us to address any setbacks you may have faced.


Three weeks of unlimited email support and sleep log analysis

so that I can answer any other questions that come up. Our sleep log analysis throughout the 3 weeks will also inform us of any tweaks to the sleep plan that we might need to make as your child’s habits change.


Text support

is an optional one-time remote service in which I will be available to answer any questions or concerns you have during bedtime and for the hours following. The cost is £50 for bedtime till 10pm availability and £75 for between bedtime and midnight availability (in addition to the cost for the sleep consultancy).

Usually parents see a dramatic change in the first 2-3 weeks. That was the experience of these parents we have worked with. I will also make sure you are well versed in my methods, so that if your child’s situation changes in a year’s time or you come up against a set back, you will have the knowledge you need to create a solution. 

The cost of the sleep package for children in a bed (between 2.5 and 10 years old) is £345.

Have any questions about my consultation process? Call me to have a free (and no obligation) chat about working together.

Start on the path to a better night’s sleep

Call me to have a free (and no obligation) chat about working together.