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What parents say about us

A few of the highlights from our newly refreshed parents

"As a first-time mum to twins, I was at a loss on how to get my 5-month-old girls to nap. Every nap time was a battle. I would get one of the girls to sleep, but the other one would fight it. And as soon as one fell asleep, the other would wake up. I wasn't getting a break at all throughout the day, and the girls were only taking short, inconsistent naps. I was exhausted, frustrated, and felt like I was failing as a mum.

That's where Leanne came in and saved me! She listened to the issues I was having and my goals. She went away and came back with personalized plans for the girls. Within a few days of implementing the plans with Leanne's guidance and reassurance, the girls were napping at the same time for longer stretches. Now, three weeks later, they fall asleep independently within 2 minutes of being put down. I often have to wake them up from a nap because they are sleeping so well.

I can't thank Leanne enough! I am no longer stressed and exhausted. I get regular breaks throughout the day, which means I can sit and have a peaceful drink or get some tasks done that would have been impossible before. By far, the best decision I could have made was to give Leanne at Little Dreams a call. I'm one happy mum with two very content little girls.

Mummy to 5 month old twins
So glad we found Leanne! Our little one was up nearly every hour, wouldn’t sleep without one of us and always needed a bottle. Now he can fall asleep on his own and self settle during the night - it’s been life changing for us. Highly recommend x
Mum and Dad to 8 month old
I attended one of Leanne’s seminars just before Christmas and it literally changed our sleeping lives!!! Our 2.5 year old suddenly stopped sleeping through. With Leanne’s help, we identified the issue of sleep props and the impact we were having on his sleep by staying with him at bedtime. Leanne was so helpful every step of the way and within a couple of weeks, he was sleeping through again! Leanne offered lots of words of encouragement to keep us on track. Would highly recommend!
Mummy to 2.5 year old
We met Leanne at a baby event, we were interested to learn how she could help with our toddler as she had some difficult nights. We initially felt apprehensive about changing our current methods but we knew it was no longer working. We took a leap of faith and put our trust in Leanne. She was very easy to talk to, understanding and empathetic towards our concerns. We learnt so much more about sleep with Leanne in our journey and saw positive results just after the first few days! Our little one is sleeping significantly better, with no disturbed nights and has made such an improvement in her developmental milestones. Thank you for all your help and guidance Leanne!
Mummy and Daddy to 19 month old
Leanne was great. She gave us expert advice and supported us to implement changes after which we saw real results. These improvements have continued and we are so happy we invested in expert sleep advice.
Mummy and Daddy to 15 month old
I am Deputy Manager of a Nursery in Streetly. We had some parents who were having various sleep issues with their children. I spoke with Leanne from Little Dreams Consulting and she very kindly offered to run a free consultation work shop at the Nursery for parents to attend. Leanne was approachable and really listened to the different sleeping challenges and offered general tips and advice. She had theory to back up her knowledge which the parents were happy with. Based on this, some of our parents went ahead and booked consultations with her. I would highly recommend Leanne as she takes an all inclusive approach and works to find a workable solution for children and their families.
Deputy Manger of a Nursery
Working with Leanne at little Dreams Birmingham has been the most incredible experience and journey with the positive results we wish we had years ago. My son was ten when we started the sleep programme, we have had ten years of sleep issues with him. Since he was a baby he struggled to self settle, he wouldn’t sleep on his back he would cry if I left him to try and sleep on his own, it was heart breaking and exhausting. When over tired all you want is sleep, I would resort to rocking or feeding him to sleep. As he got older, I would hold his hand to sleep, and for years just lie on his floor until he was asleep and then sneak out. He would then come out of his room and get into my bed at some point in the night. This turned to a habit & his crutch was me and i’d allowed it to happen as we both just needed sleep and with every sleep training method I used they never worked so I gave up. Every year I’d find the strength to try a new idea from a sleep book or online programme to sort the issue, one of which, I tried for six weeks, six weeks of hysteria and tears which was upsetting for all involved and with no great end result. Oh how I wish I’d found Little Dreams ten years ago! If you want a programme that works, then this is the one! Leanne was so kind, positive and encouraging for both myself and my son. With daily support calls to all of us which we all looked forward to and most definitely kept us strong and moving forward to the next step to reach our goal. We soon learned that I was his crutch and he needed to break away from needing me to get to sleep. Within a month of small steps, changes, plenty of rewards and new calming bedtime routines. My son now sleeps through the night and after I kiss him good night, I go straight downstairs and he falls asleep on his own. My son’s moods are better and he is more positive about life too. And of course we are all benefiting from full un interrupted nights sleep. It is just incredible and we couldn’t have done it without Leanne and the Little Dreams sleep programme. The best decision I’ve ever made - highly recommend. 😁
Mummy 10 year old
We are very grateful to Leanne for her excellent service and her guidance on how to improve the sleep quality of our baby (and ourselves!). Leanne was extremely supportive and attentive to our needs and tailored a plan that suited our situation perfectly. We saw amazing results in a very short time and we would highly recommend Leanne to anyone who needs help with their baby’s sleep.
Mummy and Daddy to 8 month old

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